M Showkat

UI/UX Graphics Designer

Who are you and what is your background?

Hi, I’m Showkat— I am a graphics designer specializes in UI/UX and branding-specific design.
I am a computer science and engineering student, but before that, i completed my diploma in designing.

Tell us about your job?

Right now I am paying more attention to UI/UX and Logo/icon design. that's my primary field of expertise. however, i also do web/software/mobile apps development.

What are your proudest achievements?

My proudest achievements are learning new technology by myself and then surprise everyone.
My 2nd proudest achievement is I got a project last year from a very large corporation, and completed that project way before deadline, they were so happy with my work that they still hire me very often to do individual tasks. also because of that i have got many more job offers and gigs.
Last but not least, this achievement has nothing to do with my work, it's my hobby. I love cycling. last December i completed my 2000 km journey with my bicycle.

Why Freelance? And since when?

To me freelancing is not just a way to make some money, i practice it as a life style. my mother is a corporate worker, and because of her i choose this life style. I hate it when she misses every important family event for work.
When i graduated from my high-school back in 2014, i started teaching myself about this lifestyle and required skills. However it took me almost 2 years to get my 1st order as a freelancer. 1st 3 years i struggled to make anything. but things changed since i learned what am i doing wrong.

What is your favorite work environment?

I have worked in many types of environments and enjoyed learning new things from each. I would say that while I don’t prefer a particular environment, I really like working alone. it helps me focus on my task and I can arrange things according to my will. .

What is your typical day?

To be honest i don't have a typical day. with new clients/orders comes new challenge.
Though, everyday i try to start my day at 7 am, and after breakfast and some cycling or light exercise I spend at least 4-5 hours learning something new/ if i have lectures at the university I go there instead. this time I also chitchat with my clients.
I start working after my lunch time. and try to work till 8 Pm.
During this time all of my friends get back from work. So we gather around.
It's more or less my day pattern. not everyday goes according to plan.

Do you have routines? If yes, what are they?

Yes I do. no matter what, i try to work at least 8 hours a day. if i have any other work that needs to be done. i try to do it before lunch time.
Also i have routine for my diet.

Do you feel that you have a good balance between your private and professional life?

YES, I do.

Are social networks important in your job?

Yes, since most of my clients comes from my social media to my website that is very important to me.

M Showkat
UI/UX Graphics Designer

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